Want to reactivate your Twitter account

Twitter is one of the most popular social media network sites which are used by many people around the world. Twitter is a widely using platform due to its reliability, convenience and simplicity. The latest estimation says that 1.5 million users are now using the twitter account for various activities such as like posting photos, commenting on the photos and like the photos of their friends. Twitter password is the most important thing which the user needs to keep it secret only then their account cannot be hacked and protected from the access of the third party users. Some of them will forget their twitter login credentials and twitter offers a different ways by which you can recover Twitter account along with your twitter activities. Among the different ways the user can use their own comfortable way for recovering their twitter account as such.

Are you struggling to recover your twitter account password?

Most of the people forget their twitter account password where this is not a big deal because you can ask for the twitter to provide the temporary password for accessing your twitter account after that you can set new password to your twitter account. This temporary password can used for just log in and subsequently you can change it or you can also send yourself a password reset link via SMS or email message by which you can change your twitter account.

The caveat is the former option that is only available on the iOS devices and when you try to log in from a device that supports this caveat feature and fail to enter the password then you will be getting an option to sign in with the login code. But if you don’t have a compatible device then you have to send yourself a password to reset link through the sms or email. In order to recover twitter account password follow the below steps.

  • Go to twitter’s sign in page
  • Click on the password reset link to reset the twitter account password
  • Enter you email address
  • Follow this instruction in the SMS or email message
  • Set a new password and make sure not to lose it again

When you follow the above steps you can reset your twitter account password and set new password to your account and then you can access your account as like before without facing any issues.

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