A friend in need is a friend indeed: Flood home insurance

Recently floods have emerged to be one of the major nature calamities in Indian subcontinent causing immense damage to life and properties.  During the floods or after people may be injured or diseased which requires immediate medical attention that may be funded by the government of United States. Flood home insurance is not that common in some states, but states prone to flood may incur a lot more from flood insurance policies. These policies are not just like other home policies but they provide an additional coverage of your home and property in case of floods and other water related calamities.

Factors to be considered as a must for flood home insurance

  • Distance of your property from a water resource- water resource can include that of river, streams, tidal water, lakes etc.
  • If the area has been flooded before due to an outside source- this includes water from stream, lake, rivers, tidal waters and other from melting snow or extreme weather conditions.

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