Basics And Need For Leather Sewing Machines

Leather, the most durable product available.  At the same time most difficult in nature to create fashion using leather. Leather is one of the thickest products available and it is not easy to stitch leather.  Sewers having good sewing machine for leather will find it easy and fun to create leather products.

Need of leather sewing machine

Leather crafting is not any easy task. Mistakes cannot be made in leather crafting. A wrong stitch will spoil the whole leather material due to the hole made. Even there will be no room for using pins. In most of the standard sewing machines Lester will stick to the throat plate or presser foot. Even scorch tape cannot handle the thickness of the leather.  Permanent hole might be created by the stitch needle or will stick underneath the foot. Continue reading “Basics And Need For Leather Sewing Machines”